Starting off a blog that likely will hardly ever be used, so to start with the various things I have made.

Firstly is amplitude, I made amplitude as a game many years ago and it is at this point a standard game to make when I use a new engine. The most recent version is written in Go using Ebiten, the source code is available. It was first written in GameMaker, then in LÖVE, then in Godot, and now in Go using Ebiten.

The version written in Godot is currently available on the Google Play Store. Likely to be replaced with the Go version at some point hopefully with a highscore system. Amplitude is also made available in browser which is made from the Go version.

I have written some discord bots but for the moment those are not public, the source for one of them will be made available soon.

Forum software I am currently writing will too have its source made available in the future.