Who doesn’t like penguins! This is more of a personal reference to various penguin live streams, hopefully they all remain online for the future.

Edinburgh Zoo

The penguin webpage is here or use the direct link to it over here or alternately a full screen one hosted on this blog.

A rockhopper camera is currently present.

Feeding time is not stated.

Aquarium of the Pacific

Their website is on explore.org, you can find the latest YouTube livestream there.

Feeding time is not stated.

Folly Farm

On their website.

Feeding times at 11am and 2pm UK.

Kansas City Zoo

Livestream on YouTube.

Feeding times not stated. More information can be found on their website.

More penguins

More will be added as I find them because I require more penguins. Email penguins at this domain if you have any more.