Once more this is a personal set of systems. In this case it’s for arguing without being the biggest asshole. Should be at least 2nd.

I have a set of rules that I use in arguments. But first we would need to agree on the goal of an argument, and then the way we should go about that.

Aims of an Argument

  1. Get your idea or point of view across.
    • This should be understandable. There shouldn’t be ambiguity in your point.
  2. Understand their point. They have a point and it should also be understood.
  3. Convince or be convinced.

Those are the key aims, but people often only care about aim 1, and even then don’t particularly care about the subaim.

How do I try to make the argument more pleasant?

Rules of an Argument

  1. Don’t go to insults.
    • The most important rule.
    • Nobody is going to go “yes, I agree with this person that has spent a while insulting me personally.”
    • You won’t either.
  2. Simple language.
    • Everyone should understand you.
  3. Experience is often better than the derived opinion.
    • Maybe you read a thing you can sumarise.
    • Are you going to trust what someone says?
  4. It’s not always right to argue.
    • Don’t argue if it’s not going to go anywhere.
    • Don’t make yourself out to be super awesome and better for not arguing.
  5. You are unlikely to change an opinion.
    • Accept it.
    • Nobody wins.
  6. Loudest one loses.
    • If you have to be louder to “win”, it doesn’t look good.
    • Rule 5 for why it’s very not good.
  7. Sometimes you’re wrong.

Generally I stick to these rules. But because of rule 5, it’s never about winning.