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Obviously yodamerlin is not my name, it’s a pseudonym. Why I chose it doesn’t matter for this, why I use it is what I want to talk about.

Thoughts on Online Advertising

For content to be free to access there needs to be some other monetisation strategy, such as advertising. “In exchange for part of your senses, we’ll give you something at no monetary cost” seems to be the model here.


I hate timezone abbreviations. I’ve made many mistakes as to what they mean many times. Mistakenly I’ve said GMT during British summer time, rather than BST, nobody picked this up though - until it came to the time and some people had to wait an hour.

Minecraft Tour

A tour of the survival Minecraft server, mostly serving as a plan and script of the video tour that I plan to make. Some projects have additional images in other posts. Additionally some projects are recreations of other people’s designs, I will not cover those here.