Writing a telegram bot is probably as easy as it gets. I run some personal ones myself, my first one being a temporary VPN service for myself.
The other was a bot that told me when a webpage updated, but I messed up the code a bit so the webpage started ignoring my server.
I'm not going to write a tutorial now on anything, although if it's in demand, I will.

Anyway, I'll currently working on a bot in Go, but these other two bots were written in PHP. Why? Because that's all it needed. I didn't need the bot to send a message without an initial request, so PHP was easy to implement with Webhooks.
The next issue is hosting, I now host most of my things on Openshift or Digital Ocean depending on what's needed. This blog is hosted on Openshift, in case you were interested.

From then on, it's easy. The bot API is easy to use, but the one minor problem some people might have is that Webhooks needs SSL, which Openshift provides.

If you want to easily interact with your servers, or need to receive notifications on your phone easily, Telegram bots is my method of choice and I recommend it!

This blog was a quick write and not to my usual standards. If you want to say anything to me, just contact me on Twitter